Monday, August 28, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character Final

WOOOOOOOOO I finally finished her! It took so long cuz I started an internship. I will try to manage my time a little better for my next project (which I will also show in another post).

But here she is! I have her in Sketchfab and Marmoset on my Artstation if anyone wants to look at it, but here are her render pics!

I'm really happy to have finished this! I'm super excited to show my new project!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character WIP 3

I just finished my first full week at my internship, and I was afraid of not having any time after to work on personal projects.

WELL it turns out I have a lot of free time after work, so I just went ahead and finished Rell's sculpt. There wasn't a lot left to do, to be honest. I was really confused as to how I was going to do her hair. I knew I wanted super chunky dreads with twists at the bottom of the dread, but the shaved hair part would be a little more difficult. I knew I didn't want to do the hair card method, because she's supposed to be cartoony, not realistic, and I wanted to keep the concept's hairline intact as well. I went with making the surface of the shaved hair part bumpy and ran a clay polish modifier over it, so it kinda looks shaved? IDK I do like the way it looks, so I'm gonna stick with it

Here she is now! I am ready to start another ZBrush project now, and start Rell's retopology tomorrow!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character WIP Kingdom Hearts 2.8 REmix (ANOTHER SMALL UPDATE EHHEHehehehe)

a 2.8 update cuz I am ALMOST done with Rell's sculpt!

I am working on the hair and at the beginning of this project, I really didnt think the hair would be a big issue. I had always planned for the dreads to be thick sculpted tubes for me to play with anisotropy on in the Marmoset Renderer, but it may take more than I thought to get them to look nice on the head.

I do believe I am finished with the head sculpt though. I may have to reproject her features on a ZRemeshed head, but other than that, she looks pretty good to me! I made her not ugly anymore lol

Here she is for now!! I will update when her sculpt is completely done!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sailor Jupiter Fanart Bust FINISHED

Hello again! I wanted to share a project that I started last Sunday. I wanted to make it just a ZBrush project, but make it nice and pretty. I made my favorite childhood character, Sailor Jupiter! Here are the final pics plus some WIPs!

and the WIPs

I still haven't forgotten about Rell! I'm still working on how the heck I'm gonna do her hair. Until next time!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character WIP 2.5 (Small Update)

Just a smallish update. I wanted to work on her head cuz thats basically all there's left to do, so I duplicated the screwed up head from last week (it looks so bad omg) and just moved forms around and resculpted the mouth. Fixed the eyes a bit, the only parts of her head I kept were her nose and ears. Here's what she looks like so far:

I still need to push it a little bit more, but I am liking how she's starting to look now, which is good!
Till next time!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character WIP 2

I'M NOT DEAD, just tired xD

I got super mad at working on Rell's head one night so I took like 3 days off and played Kingdom Hearts. After that, I decided to work more on the rest of her body. Her body's almost done, I do need to put in a few (FEW) wrinkles around the ankles, the wrist, and her back because the bodysuit is not too form fitting around those areas, and it would help to break up the silhouette. Here's what I have so far:

NEXT TIME hopefully will be an update on the finished sculpt so i can show off her head lol
i really want this to look as good as possible, im really excited about this project, especially for the texturing phase aHHHHHHHH

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rell [HaloGen]- Character WIP

Here I am with a new character WIP. This is Rell, made by AfuChan. I've already made a model based off one of the artist's concepts, so I wanted to try another one. This time, I'm going for a mix between realistic shaders/textures, but stylized forms/sculpts. Here is the original concept and my progress so far:

I am having a bit of trouble replicating her likeness, especially from the 3/4th view, but I'll get it there. I'm thinking of including the mask as well!

Bye for now!